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   "Destiny Developer" Charlie Newhart is this generations' Exhorter and Motivator. For several years he was bullied and teased for wearing glasses and being an honor student. Before he had time to try and fit in he was diagnosed with Cancer at the age of 15. Five months after surgery he was told there were more Cancerous tumors in his body and another surgery was needed. Broken, depressed and hurt Charlie went in for the second surgery hoping it was the last. Through prayer, chemotherapy and God's Grace he came out healed at the age of 17. Even after all he went through at a young age he still chose to participate in illegal activities, womanize and self sabotage.

   At the age of 23 he was shot at point blank range and nearly killed. This proved to be a turning point in Charlie's life but he still had a long road ahead. After a failed marriage he was a single Father with full custody of three kids at the age of 24. Unable to work due to injuries sustained during the shooting proved to be an opportunity to write and refocus. He connected with a church and recommitted to God.

   Over time he wrote and acted in a stage play, then landed an agent who helped him book major roles in commercials, plays, voice overs and film. He has also written a life-changing book entitled. "I Love Myself" the 5 Keys to Successful Relationships which is proving to be a top seller for it's rich autobiographical content. In the book Charlie talks about how he overcame several obstacles and with the help of God chose to love himself in spite of it all.  

   Charlie's expertise in life, relationships and in business allows him to deliver intelligent, comical, powerful, life changing presentations that apply to Relationships, Sales, Leadership, Change, Self-Motivation and Destiny Development. 


   In I Love Myself, author Charlie Newhart shares five keys he believes create successful relationships. These keys are not generic, but rather incredibly personal to his life story. As a former addict, he has faced many obstacles in his life, but he believes overcoming them is what made him successful. When you’re faced with any difficulty, you have a choice to give in to it or to overcome it and come out better and stronger than you were when you started. That is what Charlie Newhart believes can happen to not just him, but to anyone who takes a problem in life head-on. 
   It is Newhart’s hope for readers to connect with each sentence and realize we all will face tough times in life, but what we do during and after the tough time ultimately determines if we reach our full potential. Embrace your difficulties and allow yourself to learn from them, because only then you will also be able to say, “I Love Myself”. 



Charlie believes that you must first "Love Yourself" before you can love others. We are walking billboards for name brand designers everyday. Let's use that power to spread love with the "I Love Myself" t-shirts.